Gracias to WBGU TV for their touching tribute to Sofia Quintero and the mission of SQACC to keep in the community.

Every Tuesday from 6:00pm until 10:00pm SQACC hosts Open Mic Night at La Galeria. This weekly event is a community potluck, that helps bring together local musicians, comedians, poets, artists, and storytellers. Everyone is invited to bring a dish and join in the fun! For more information, check out La Galeria on Facebook or follow La Galaria on  twitter @GalariaAmericas.

Open Mic Night

Every year, for Día de los Muertos, friends and family gather at the Sofia Quintero Center to celebrate the lives of those who have passed. As is the custom in Mexico, people create altars to honor deceased family members. The celebration takes place on October 31,and  November 1, and 2. Anyone  interested in participating, or  learning more about the holiday is invited to join us.

The Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center Inc. (SQACC) strives to be a premier, regional, and Latino based organization that advances the important roles that art and education play in everyday lives.


SQACC supports and gives voice to the artistic and educational expressions which advance community development, responsibility and social equity, cultural diversity, global awareness and stewardship, as well as the empowerment of the Latina and Latino identities.

SQACC has six community gardens that offer young children, teens, and community members active participation in organic gardening. The Community Gardens Development Project was funded by ProMedica which also supported the "Earn & Learn" Program where youth learn basic construction, painting, and garden techniques while earning a small stipend.

Nana’s Kitchen is truly a kitchen that gives back to the community. Serving as both a cultural venue and a community resource, Nana’s Kitchen will bring people and cultures together. The programs and events that Nana’s Kitchen will provide the area will serve as a culinary educational tool for youth, adults and families.


Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center