Nana’s Kitchen advances the important role that food and its culinary value play in the well being of everyday lives. The kitchen will support and give voice to food and culinary education while promoting healthy cooking and eating habits. Nana’s Kitchen will foster community growth through a commitment to utilizing our available resources.

Nana’s Kitchen is an exciting place where Latino and other ethnic cultural values and traditions will be

taught and enhanced though cooking, cooking classes, nutrition education, and other activities.

The produce from the gardens of the Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center (SQACC) and other

sources will be transformed into healthy, nutritious, and flavorful foods in the kitchen.

These quality activities will support the health of families and our community, enhancing the mission of SQACC.

~La Cocina de Nana ~

Inspiring Culinary Outreach

Nana's Kitchen Mission


Vision and Purpose:


To nurture the creative culinary abilities of people of different cultures as another forward step towards building and strengthening social and cultural diversity. Nana’s Kitchen will help our community grow by providing opportunities for individuals, families, and organizations of different ethnicities to showcase their food and cooking skills through unique flavors and dishes.

Imagine a Kitchen that Provides Exciting



Nana’s Kitchen is truly a kitchen that gives back to the community. Serving as both a cultural venue and a community resource, Nana’s Kitchen will bring people and cultures together. The programs and events that Nana’s Kitchen will provide the area will serve as a culinary educational tool for youth, adults and families.

A broad spectrum of culinary techniques, ingredients, and foods will be taught, looking at the process of cooking beginning from the garden or farm all the way to the table. Nana’s kitchen will also serve a 175+ person event center and a multi-purpose class room, both of which will be available to the general public to rent for social, organizational, and business events.

Nana's Kitchen

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1222 Broadway Street      Toledo, OH  43609