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Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center

Cinco de Mayo Presentation

Apr 15, 2014
On May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) we will be welcoming Dr. Raul Bringas Nostti from la Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico. Dr Nostti will be sharing information on the historical significance of Cinco de Mayo to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle of May 5th. Join us at 3pm in the McMasters Center of the Main Library for a reception with appetizers and drinks, followed by Dr Nostti's presentation at 4. In the mean time, we hope you have a chance to check out some of the artwork commissioned by la Universidad de las Americas to pay homage to the celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The pieces are currently on display at the Sofia Quintero Center, Maumee Valley Country Day School and The main branch of the Toledo Public Library.
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Gallery Loop

Apr 15, 2014
SQACC is proud to be a part of this year's activities for 419 day. We will be participating in the Gallery Loop. This Saturday, April 19, between 3-8pm the work of Uriarte Talavera will be on display at our gallery 1224 Broadway St. As part of the day's festivities, free transportation will be provided between a number of galleries around the city at the low low cost of free. We hope you check out, not only ours, but a number of the exhibits that day.
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Uriarte Talavera Gallery Exhibition

Apr 3, 2014
Uriarte Talavera, established in 1824, is one of the oldest operating businesses in Mexico. Located in the Historic city of Puebla, Uriarte Talavera specializes in pottery and ceramic artwork, often using techniques developed in the 16th Century. The artwork on display at the Sofia Quintero Center is a combination of these ancient practices and modern designs. Many traditional color schemes are used to create modern patterns and images, creating pieces that are visually stunning and physically impressive. Several works will be on display at the center between April 12th and May 24th. Additionally, some pieces are on display at the Main Library and at Maumee Valley Country Day School. All these exhibits are free of charge. The Sofia Quintero Center is excited to bring this example of Mexican Culture to the Toledo Area.
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Upcoming Classes on Chicano/Latino History & Culture

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